/raw sends commands directly to the ircd, -q is the 'do it silent' flag

who is the 'WHO' command of the ircd.

maybe this helps a bit: http://www.irchelp.org/irchelp/misc/ccosmos.html#Heading396

some ircd's respond to /WHO with additional information:

/WHO [+|-][achmnsuCM] [args]
Flags are specified like channel modes,
The flags cghimnsu all have arguments
Flags are set to a positive check by +, a negative check by -
The flags work as follows:
Flag a: user is away
Flag c <channel>: user is on <channel>,
                  no wildcards accepted
Flag h <host>: user has string <host> in their hostname,
               wildcards accepted
Flag m <usermodes>: user has <usermodes> set on them,
                    only usermodes o/O/a/A will return a result
Flag n <nick>: user has string <nick> in their nickname,
               wildcards accepted
Flag s <server>: user is on server <server>,
                 wildcards not accepted
Flag u <user>: user has string <user> in their username,
               wildcards accepted
Behavior flags:
Flag C: show first visible channel user is in
Flag M: check for user in channels I am a member of

note that User mode +i (invisible) makes you invisible to the WHO command