puterfixer: well said, and a classic example of the amount of patience some channels and ops display, along with an equally classic example of how NOT to behave when seeking help. Altho phoenix1480 didnt specify your channel in his post, if he posted the url of this thread in your channel its certainly understandable you would feel his post applied to your channel.

phoenix1840: This thread is not going to get into a he said/she said/they said debate. If you have any problem with a specific channel or op, then you need to resolve it with them directly. From what i've seen tho, it would seem that at least one channel has taken a good bit of time to answer you. Whether you liked the answers or not isnt an issue nor reason to belittle in general all the many ppl who take the time to help the best they can. I'm not taking sides or making accusations, but i'd like to point out:
- the questions that puterfixer mentioned would have gotten the same answers in many help channels and here on this forum.
-the behavior described would get a user banned in many help channels

ParaBrat @#mIRCAide DALnet