of your rooms, servers/rooms people

Khaled has written a client (program) that allows you, the user, to connect to any of the thousands of networks out there that use the IRC protocol. There are lots of *other* programs that allow you to connect to the very same networks and channels.

Khaled did not invent IRC (as it says in the FAQ that you have obviously read).

Please understand, therefore, that Khaled is NOT RESPONSIBLE for any networks or servers, and has no control over them, or the people in them. Nor are the authors of any of the other clients that allow access to the networks.

nobody answers or offers help, including the operators

Sadly, this is increasingly a problem on IRC these days, even in so-called Help channels. (Until recently I was a channel op in a large help channel - I left for this very reason).

Fortunately, you DO have an alternative - ask questions on this message board! Or try the help channels on a different network.

I do not have intention to upgrade towards any latest versions

Well that's probably not the best attitude, because it means you will miss out on bug fixes and extra features. Don't forget, once you have registered mIRC all upgrades are FREE forever!

I recommend major cleanup in the operators. Maybe we'd get some help

I think a lot of people would agree, BUT Khaled is not the right person to tell. The only people who can change the operators in a channel are the channel operators themselves or the channel owner/founder (on networks supporting channel registration).

I am sure that we all understand your frustration - and that we have all faced similar problems in the past. Khaled, however, only wrote the software, he doesn't administer the networks... so he can't help you.


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