Please understand that Khaled does not have control or affiliation with any network, their IRCops, channels on any network or the ops of those channels. Khaled doesnt choose the ops on any #mIRC's either.

I'm sorry that your experiences in getting help have been unpleasant, but honest, there are a lot of good help channels and ops who spend a lot (if not most) of their time online helping ppl. Many of the ppl who spend time helping here on this forum, also help in an assortment of channels. If you dont get an answer right away, it could be that all the ops are busy helping others, or are away from their computers at the time. Check in the help channel for the network you go to (usually listed in their Msg Of The Day, to read it, in any mIRC window type /motd or look on their website) for approved help channels.

A few tips:
-dont use all CAPS, thats considered shouting and rude
-read the topic or any rules for the channel when you enter
-dont just keep saying HELP, ask your question clearly in the channel
-answer any questions the ops ask as best you can so they can clarify what the problem is
-dont keep repeating, be patient
-don't flood by posting multiple two word sentences, or huge scripts
-be willing to spend some time reading to help yourself. dont get angry if an op refers you to a section of the help file, to a thread here, to a website that has the answer you seek, gives you a command for services info, refers you to a channel that is better able to help you or refuses to help you engage an illegal activity or something against their policies.

ParaBrat @#mIRCAide DALnet