You're welcome BlackDrag.

We dont put every bug reported or solutions for them as stickies. That just wouldnt be practical. In the browser one, (after 9,873,492 questions about it) i felt it was the easiest way to refer ppl to various workarounds until the next release resolved it. it was something that effected a lot of ppl who dont use IE and the workarounds were spread out on different threads/areas of the forum. It was also something asked about often in #mIRC, and far simpler to refer them to one thread here with links to others. I've left it as a sticky since there are ppl who prefer using past versions. Sticky doesnt necessarily equate with import, but rather is a way to answer some more commonly asked questions, condense info and give the many links that may be involved.

ParaBrat @#mIRCAide DALnet