Dude, will you ingrates stop using stupid pop culture words like 'swarm' just becaue it sounds cool, when you have no idea what it even means.

IRC is NOT a Peer-To-Peer File Trading Mechanism
mIRC is NOT a Peer-To-Peer File Trading Client

This "swarming" technology you speak of, takes a very large file and breaks it into segments that dozens of peers collect and swap like smaller files. Ths type of distrobution is knowin as packages and has been used on USENET and IRC for decades, and mIRC has always been capable of downloading these files.

mIRC is not going to simplify it any more than that. To do so, mIRC would have to invent a protocol that actively seeks for these file parts. To do so, users on IRC interested in CHATTING only would be flooded with these useless requests. This quite simply will not happen my son.

NOW. Stop asking stupid questions and stop using mIRC.

mIRC has the most powerful scripting language known to mankind.
Invent your own freeking swarming protocol.

- Raccoon

Well. At least I won lunch.
Good philosophy, see good in bad, I like!