I think mIRC is a great program and I can hardly find anything wrong with it. But after over 5 years of intense use, and logging of all private chats and channels, the number of logfiles has reached several thousand.
Many of theese logfiles are with the same user. Even though some find it "rude" og annoying like away-messages, it is very common that people change nick, depending on what they are doing. the most common nicks are nick^work nick^afk nick^zzz etc... and the more "geeked" people even uses nicks such as nick^food nick^shower nick^brb etc.

I think mIRC lacks an opportunity to automaticly merge nicknames of the same person. I know there is a merge function now, but you have to use it manually, and it is pretty primitive imo. It would be great if you could automate logfile-merging, depending on the users nickname, or even better - ident/host.
For exampe add a rule that adds goat, goat^afk, goat^zzz into goat.log - or, if possible even better adds *!*@goats.ip.here into goat.log - so no matter what goat calls himself, you will get all your conversations with him into the same logfile - if he has a static IP address of course - which most, or at least many people have today, due to ADSL / Cable modems etc. that has become a lot more common the last few years.

So what do you think, is it possible, and even more important - would it be usefull??

Juma Sondergard, Denmark