sorry i was not clear the first time i posted this....

but i have no idea why i went on about the speed like that, lol. speed on the personal computer is usually several fractions of that of network lag, so the local speed is actually quite irelevant.

what i MEANT to say was so that it can handle being in more channels simultaniously and so forth.

i just figured it would be a good idea, if it was easy to do... if not, i guess i'll just suffer, lol.

is there a way to get around this maybe?... i have found that if you scroll channels off the bottom of the screen, mirc will crash without warning or error, i think when you get to be 2 or 3 channels off? i'm not sure... ah, anyways, thats what i was really wantin to know, lol.

maybe an option with the channels similar to the one you have available for pm system (put all pm's into the same window).

just a thought or 5. now that i've been more clear, maybe u all will better understand what i am trying to accomplish, lol.