Also, can someone help me with words...

You can try some of these...

"Mom, if I don't register, it's like stealing. Did you raise a theif?"

"Mom, it's not just the nag screen I want to get rid of, but my nagging conscience aswell."

"Mom, this guy only wants a measly Twenty Dollars to show for his 8 years of hard work speant on a program that I thoroughly enjoy and spend countless hours using. He even offers a $10 option for those who are less than financially prepared. Last night's dinner cost more than that!"

"Mom, I know that I download songs and a lot of other programs illegally, but mIRC is different to me. The author donates a lot of it to charities like the Red Cross. This is something I want to be a part of."

- Raccoon

Well. At least I won lunch.
Good philosophy, see good in bad, I like!