I dont remember seeing these listed before so here goes:

1) Address Book --> Whois Tab. When I whois myself, mirc does NOT show all the characters properly from the name field. I have the following info in my names field (stored in a variable if that matters):


When I /whois myself from the tab, I get:

r | my wn |a|e & es|iny

The bug is that my computer DOES rcognize those symbols but the whois tab does not.

2) URL List bug. I can no longer right click and use the Send To option. It's still there yes, but does not function. When I click it, nothing happens. I can still use things like add/edit/save/etc so it's not the whole menu, just the one option. Ive tried it with 2 diff channels and NOTHING was sent to either

*Edited - stupid me forgot to put the page there so it WOULDNT download a pic (for those who are download conscious)

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