Well thats fine, but to me it was too many little things I didn't like that added up to one big thing I didn't like. When I went to the "file" menu and looked for "options" for the 10th time, I said, "this isn't the client for me" When I went to click on the life-raft (help file) icon on the toolbar for the 10th time, I said "this isn't the client for me", when I saw the about window popup each time I started it, when I saw I couldn't find anything in the options dialog, when I saw the new way sorting is done, when I saw virtually none of the feature suggestions were added, yet the authors claim nearly all were added, when I saw all the new bugs in features that makes it look like although this took a year it wasn't tested (/fopen creates a file even when you tell it not to, /qme and /qmsg think they are /ame and /amsg, multi-line comments screw up the editor, etc., etc.) I said, "this isn't the client for me"

I don't think I, nor anyone else here, made a rash decision. When you give someone a BMW Z4, then say "I've got something better for you" and you hand them a Ford Pinto, you can't expect the person to be happy. Every complaint I've heard about the mIRC interface was ignored (theme support, reorder buttons on the switchbar, customize toolbar, update icons, scroll when too many buttons on switchbar, etc., etc.) and instead we got a bunch of changes we didn't want. You can't blame me and others for being upset for Khaled taking a great product and changing it in such a way that it loses the things we liked about it.