I am making a spamkill service for the network I help run, and started it, but I noticed it doesnt echo to the window I have set and cant figure out why.

alias sk_open { sockopen spamkill %sk!!serv %sk!!port }
on 1:sockopen:spamkill:{
  window -zk0 @spamkill

on 1:sockread:spamkill:{
  sockread -f %sk_raw
  .signal -n sk_read $sockname %sk_raw 

on 1:singal:sk_read:{
  if ($2 == ping) { .signal -n sk_ping $3 | halt }
  echo @spamkill 04 $1-

on *:signal:sk_ping:{ sk_com pong $remove($1,:) }

alias sk_reg { 
  sock_com pass %sk!!spass
  sock_com server %sk!!sn 10 : $+ %sk!!sun

alias sock_com { sockwrite -tn spamkill $1- }

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