/window [-abBcCdeEfg[N]hikl[N]mnoprRsvwxz] [-tN,..,N] [+bdeflLmnstx] <@name> [x y [w h]] [/command] [popup.txt] [font [size]] [iconfile [N]]

/window -e @echotext
This would make a @window with an editbox so you can add/delete text from it at your convineance.

/aline [c] <@name> <text> add line to list
/cline [c] <@name> <N> changes the color of the Nth line to color C
/dline [c] <@name> <N[-N2]> delete Nth line through N2th line
/iline [c] <@name> <N> <text> insert line at Nth line
/rline [c] <@name> <N> <text> replace Nth line
/sline [c] <@name> <N> select Nth line

...commands that would be used to add/delete etc to and from your @window.

Instead of echo -s text to your status window, replace with
aline @echotext $1- to echo any/all information that you want to your @window.

And yes, this was all gathered from /help crazy