Greetings mIRC Forum members,

I'm stuck on trying to read a text file from start to finish via a remote command to our script into the active channel, whispered back to someone. Here are the two examples we are trying to get working. None are working and I'm also concerned about flooding out my script without any timers set for the line by line whispered output.

#test1 on
on *:text:visitors:#:{ if ($nick isop $active) var %z = 1 while (%z <= $lines(nameslist.txt)) { /privmsg $nick $read(nameslist.txt) | inc %z }}
#test1 end

#test2 on
on *:text:bmbos*:#:{ var %y = 1 while (%y <= $lines($2.txt)) { /privmsg $nick $read($2.txt) | inc %y }}
#test2 end

We've tried substituing $read(nameslist.txt,%z) for
$read(nameslist.txt) and the same with
$read($2.txt,%y) for $read($2.txt) both of those failed also.

Thanks for your time and consideration,