well, if any of you here are scripters, you will understand how frustrating and harmful bracket mis-matches are.... not to mention it's actually a really easy fix.

what i was suggesting is that mirc automatically search for bracket mis-matches when you click on "ok" at the bottom, and tell you about them. just like it does when you click the tab in the upper right hand corner that checks for bracket mis-matches. then, maybe pop up a menu questioning what you would like to do, maybe have it similar to the thing that comes up when you close something that hasnt been saved "mIRC has found a bracket mismatch around line 30, would you like to correct this problem?" "yes" "no" "cancel" -- yes would lead you to where the actual bracket mismatch was found (just like the button that checks for them), no would just ignore it, and cancel would act like you never clicked on anything to begin with.

welll, just a thought. i dont know how you would implement this along with the button that says "you have made changes to blah blah... would u like to save?"

well, let me know what you think. personally, i think this would be a life-saver, lol