I trying to do a check web pages than users (bots) puts in
a channel (eg. xxx pages)

I can check 1 or 2 pages but with diferents names for the
sockets (eg. Sock1 Sock2) and is limitated for 2 or more
but one code for Sock (for 5 socks use like 600 lines of code)

I read in the help than can use the wildcard * and i try to
use for a re-estructured mi source, but i have a problem
reading the name of the socket than is in sockopen

Can any do me a code ? I need :

var %last = last_connection
sockopen sock.%last %web.%last 80

Must check the last conection for sock.* and use it for
new connection

In the "on sockopen" need the number or sintaxis for read
correctly all then i can send than i need

I can send the vars but need how can returme the
name of the connection

Sorry but i'm from Mexico and my english isn't good