on *:TEXT:*:#: { if ($highlight($1- $lf) != $null) { editbox -p # $nick $+ : } }

This should do the trick. Depending on your highlights, it might not. You'll have to search the forums, there's been several discussions about the poor implementation of $highlight() and all the drawbacks of ways to determine if/when a highlight occured. Since this also allows iterating highlights, a "number" could return a false result, being the highlight at position N in your highlights should "$1-" be a number. Hence the dirty work-around of "$lf" added into the check to prevent this. This could break regex matches with line anchors like /^something$/, so again it's not perfect. If i remembered the thread i would've posted a link, my vague search for $highlight had far too many results I got tired of sifting to find the thread with all the information and gripe about $highlight() smile

For a general highlight entry in "/abook -h" such as normal match (non-regex) containing words: "$me" this would most likely suffice just fine.


Returns the Nth line in the highlight listbox, or if text is specified, returns the properties for the highlight line that matches text.
Properties: text, color, sound, flash, message, nicks, regex, cs, chans