Hello all.

I need help, for this code, maybe its not a dificult and for you its to easy but for me its not easy..

on *:TEXT:*!PROXY*:#kontrolli:{
  if ($nick ison #) && ($2 = $read(C:\telejuara.txt,w,$2)) && ($2) { msg #kontrolli 47I cant add this IP  - $+ $2 $+ - on SHUN because its in ALLOW list - telejuara.txt  halt }
  if ($nick ison #) && ($2 != $read(C:\telejuara.txt,s,$2)) && ($2) { msg #Kontrolli 4,1Proxy: 12I have make this IP in SHUN: 6 $2 | /shun $4 20s 47« Your system its not sure because You use Proxy or VPN..  » ( /Firewall Off ) halt }

I have created a file with txt to C:\ with the name telejuara.txt and I have put all IP what are all good from good company and when I make !Proxy read automatic this file and found thit IP in this File (C:\telejuara.txt) and make nothing, WHEN a IP its not in this File (C:\telejuara.txt) i have coded and make SHUN

Now what i want to help ME its:

i want to configure this code, when a make a IP in this File (C:\telejuara.txt) ---> 46.19.* <--- and than, when a make a full IP in my channel maybe !Proxy and make nothing because this IP its sure and its in this File (C:\telejuara.txt).

Thanka for help.


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