Hi all,

I have a simple .ini file in the following format:
some_text="foo "

The .ini file is located in the same folder as mirc.exe. In my script I access it using %my_ini

Now, when I try to read the value of the key some_text from the ini using the following code...
%var $readini(%my_ini, Alpha, some_text)
...the result is foo without the trailing space.

Also using $len(%var) in my script returns 3 ("foo") instead of 4 ("foo ").

That being said, my very basic question is:
How do I get the unchanged value with all its trailing and/or even leading spaces? Without the quotes of course.
And how to I work with it later in my code, for example when getting its lenght by using $len as mentioned above?

Thanks in advance! smile