Suggestion to have an additional .prop's for $min and $max which use the default $sorttok and $sorttokcs orders when they don't use the $3 switch. The current mappings for $min appear to be:


no .prop = $sorttok 'n' numeric
.text = $sorttok 'a' alphanumeric
.textcs = $sortokcs 'a' alphanumeric
.nick = $sorttok 'c' channel

missing = $sorttok no-switch
missing = $sorttokcs no-switch

alias minmaxsort {
  if ($1- == $null) var -s %list a 0 b \ 1 ! A . ~ 2 @ 11 | else var %list $1-
  echo -a default : $sorttok(  %list,32)
  echo -a alphanum: $sorttok(  %list,32,a) min: $min(%list).text   max: $max(%list).text
  echo -a numeric : $sorttok(  %list,32,n) min: $min(%list)        max: $max(%list)
  echo -a nicklist: $sorttok(  %list,32,c) min: $min(%list).nick   max: $max(%list).nick
  echo -a alnum cs: $sorttokcs(%list,32,a) min: $min(%list).textcs max: $max(%list).textcs
  var -s %list a 0 b \ 1 A  ~ 2 11
  echo -a default :: $sorttok(    %list,32)
  echo -a defaultcs: $sorttokcs(  %list,32)
  echo -a alpha num: $sorttok(    %list,32,a) min: $min(%list).text   max: $max(%list).text
  echo -a alnum cs : $sorttokcs(  %list,32,a) min: $min(%list).textcs max: $max(%list).textcs
  var -s %list a \ A
  echo -a default  : $sorttok(    %list,32)
  echo -a defaultcs: $sorttokcs(  %list,32)