This code kicks idle #help very well, as follows: the Bot will kick someone into the room if there is no Op or Voice, they will be kicked after 2 minutes. If in 2 minutes nickname says something, then my Bot will count 2 minutes again from the beginning. However, this section has no kicked & banned for the case when people enter the room and change their nick to another nickname, they will not be kicked by the bot. I want the bot to kick people who change their nick in the room help in 2 minutes. If they change their nick but then say something, then the Bot will count time for 2 minutes again from the beginning.Can someone write more code for me? I sincerely thanks
Here is code (i copy in this forum)
#idlekicker on
on *@!:JOIN:#help: if !$timer($nick) { $+(.timer,$nick) 1 120 KickIdler $chan $nick }
on *:TEXT:*:#help: $+(.timer,$nick) 1 120 KickIdler $chan $nick
alias KickIdler if ($me isop $1) && ($2 isreg $1) { ban -ku120 $1-2 2 Don't hang your nick here. Come back after 2 minutes if you really need help! Thank you }
#idlekicker end

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