I came back to my computer today, I had internet problem, mIRC was freezing and coming back to life, alternating between the two.
This has never happened before, so it was pretty obvious to me the issue was due to the reconnecting part.
This is on 7.59. It's not the first time i'm having such disconnection and i'm not a beginner either, I have never seen this.
I also believe that mIRC has some troubles when starts windows and run mIRC too early while there's no internet connection, mIRC is in fact always unresponsive in this case, until internet comes. I have never bothered too much because windows is starting and things can be slow there, but the freeze I've seen today where long and consecutive, 25+ seconds.
It possible started with 7.59 as it's clear that I've had multiple internet issue of the same kind on 7.58, for the past months.
Internet came back shortly after, and everything was fine again, I may try to unplug the ethernet cable myself to test.

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