Hi Racoon,

Thanks for the help! I did some testing and this is what I got back:

<~Admin_Luka> This channel has been determined to be in violation of the terms of service for this network and is being closed. If you have any questions please join #Help and speak to an IRCop. (Reason: Violation of TheArkNet TOS)
>>> [mode/#Blah] Admin_Luka(+smiuk xhzxxqfeez)
>>> [mode/#Blah] ChanServ(-r)
>>> [part/#Blah] Admin_Luka(NetAdmin@TheArkNet.xyz)

It didn't remove any of the other users modes or kick them.

I don't have the commands you asked about in the last post. I'm using Anope with standard modules. I do have the suspend option in the cs.


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