Is this the kind of stuff you're trying to put in the menu?

menu channel {
  top menu
  .level 1 menu
  ..level 1 label:noop
  ..level 1 labe2:noop
  ..$iif($asctime($ctime,ddd) == Sun, $style(1) Today is $v2):noop
  ..$iif($asctime($ctime,ddd) == Mon, $style(1) Today is $v2):noop
  ..$iif($asctime($ctime,ddd) == Tue, $style(1) Today is $v2):noop
  ..$iif($asctime($ctime,ddd) == Wed, $style(1) Today is $v2):noop
  ..$iif($asctime($ctime,ddd) == Thu, $style(1) Today is $v2):noop
  ..$iif($asctime($ctime,ddd) == Fri, $style(1) Today is $v2):noop
  ..$iif($asctime($ctime,ddd) == Sat, $style(1) Today is $v2):noop
  ..level 2 menu
  ...level2 label1:noop
  ...level2 label2:noop

This is how it looks if you're putting your channel item in a script. If you want it in the popups file, put the code in-between the curly braces in the view/channel tab of the alt+P editor