I finally figured out what's going on here after years of frustration, and it's super annoying.

If you press and hold the Right-Ctrl key, then press and release the Right-Shift key, the whole script editor goes into Right-To-Left (RTL) mode.

If you then press and hold the Left-Ctrl key, then press and release the Left-Shift key, the script editor will revert back to Left-To-Right (LTR; non-RTL) mode.

For years this bugged me, because it would happen while using selection navigation keys such as Ctrl+Shift + Home/End/Up/Down etc. Turns out if my finger releases the Shift key before the Ctrl key, it will enter RTL mode. I never knew why this was or how to undo it until now.

If RTL mode might be useful to someone, please add a push button to get out of RTL mode when somebody accidentally gets into it.


There is also a mysterious RTL hotkey for the typical channel/query Editbox, but I'm not sure how I accidentally get into that just yet. It's a different key combination.

Well. At least I won lunch.
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