Looking for an automated tempshun script based on a user tripping spamfilter x times in x hours
I've made a bit of a start with notes of what i would like to do but need script edited and finished please.
Note - The below script is not a working script and is there purely as an illustrative idea as to what i am looking for

;event for trigger
on *:@spam: {
inc %spam.counter. $+ $nick 1
;to add.. add $nick to notify
/notify $nick spammer
;to add.. timer in the counter section for 1 hour
;timer will be a failsafe and will reset the spamcounter if the required trips havent been counted
;in that time period. This guards against ping timeouts from my irc client.
if (%spam.counter. [ $+ [ $nick ] ] == 3) { tempshun $nick multiple_trips_of_spamfilter }
.msg #tempshun $nick has been auto tempshunned.
;clear once nick has gone offline and remove from notify