There is a very popular website owned by Google, called VirusTotal. The web address is

It gives zero hits, including for Norton (Symantec). Here's the direct link and screen capture for mIRC 7.54

Drag & Drop your own mirc.exe file to VirusTotal, or compare its checksum values to those below, to perform your own verification for reassurance.

    File: mirc_7.54.exe
  CRC-32: 64b49122
     MD5: a2ae6177d4725e30d2508d2d832dbdb3
   SHA-1: 8b817549212750a291fdfa6cb777a522b8b8162a
 SHA-256: 7e2ab3c94f67446732ddb745cda0797dedd686cd74fa06851e1f021c89c6f10e
 SHA-512: d3275e860baa4f193f4caf54703784b2876c1593c50925c315687c5c6960f9d77a7c86f86b46d18f5883936ffde6f7b2791de03b8a19a5a46e50fb84171d98d5
SHA3-256: 60142905eb5bd2f46613d70dfc08841cbdd1b883f028d2ca7b60ae4025fa89cc
SHA3-512: 30c80f24b25a38bd6ab78041baa83f23b7b5c760943d69c2fbfe0cab95d15e75d665650d29486d88587e92c41aab08e1bca61774a0ba379c18d6d8a7b8cfb013

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