Thank you for any and all support that I may be given here. I will and do appreciate it!

I have a simple command below:
// Bingo Card Number Guess SYNTAX: !guess
on *:TEXT:!guess *:#mychannel:{
  msg $chan $nick Chose the Number $2- .
  write C:\PATH_TO_MIRC\text\bingoguess.txt < $+ $nick $+ > --- $2- ---

This cod will let the user type in '!guess #' where # is any number or unfortunately, any text...and write it to a file that gets uploaded with a separate program to my website I have for Bingo guesses. (That is a long story and isn't applicable.)

My question is can I restrict any random text from being entered and only allow numbers in a certain range to be used, say 0 to 25? I have looked at regex and I don't know if that is the one thing I need to use or something else.

Can anybody give me advice on this?
Thank you for your time!

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