Hello guys,
You may notice some mistakes in my English, it's just because its my second language.
By the way, the other day I found my old iPod (3rd gen) with a lot of songs in it and I was looking for a way to transfer them to my PC.
Searching on the internet I found some softwares, but most of them are not free and/or don't work properly.
So I made a mIRC script to do that and I decided to share it with you, maybe someone might find it useful.
I used the MDX.dll too.

Q. Why I did it with mSL?
A. Because I can.

Q. Does it work with all iPods?
A. I don't know. I tested it with mIRC v7.51 and a 3rd generation iPod, I don't know if it will work with other iPods.

NOTE: it's pretty simple and it has only basic functions, I use it only to transfer songs from my iPod to my PC.
It takes a while to transfer things, I took about 5-6mins for ~1100 songs, so I recommend you to use it while you are NOT connected to any irc networks (or you can go offline), because mIRC will be unusable. It takes some time even to load the long list, so it's far away from perfect, but it works laugh
Be sure that the Paths are correct.

Files inside the .zip:
  • iPod.mrc

Download: iPodTransferV1