Thanks for the reply, I am not that much interested in changes, I was documenting$play and was testing some things.
I then remembered this thread and still considered it an issue.

I just tested this by running the command "//write -c test.txt test | play -as echo test.txt" in a query window and it displayed the text in the status window.

Yes, I get the same behavior. This behavior is not described in the help file, this behavior is not expected to me.
The help file says that -s execute command to the status window, -s alone does it correctly, -sb does it correctly, only -sa and -se are not doing it.
/play -sa is executing the alias passed because of the -a switch, it is not executing command in the file to the status window.

Right now when I read the help file, there is nothing saying that using -as together is something special. Which means that the only way to understand it (which is consistent accross all the switches) is "do what -a does and then do what -s does" but that's not the case.

That's my issue, the help file is misleading, it should state that -s when used with -a or -e will never execute a command from the source.
Now what I'm trying to understand is what -s was meant to do when using with -a or -e, I can figure it out by trying and observing but I'd rather get a word from you about it.
You don't seem to be that puzzled about this, which tells me the behavior is probably normal.

The issue you describe with using "status window" enclosed in quotes was explained in my previous post.
Well the previous post explains that -a results in the alias being called with the window name as the first parameter, in this case mIRC cannot do anything but my previous post is not using -a, it's using -e, there is no alias being called from our input in this case, it's mIRC choosing what to display so I was thinking it could display the proper window's name in the line, even if technically that would not work, not sure how -e is handled but it's a bit different from -a.

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