hello, im having trouble connecting to an SSL irc server.

I am using windows 7, with mIRC 7.43

I can connect to the server fine without SSL, but when I
try to connect with SSL. I receive the SSL certificate
dialog, and confirm it.

It then proceeds to send the typical raw events you'd
normally expect, but stops at the very last raw event 005.

Which is the part of the event that has the SSL=ip:port
(where ip/port is the servers real ip and port)

It just stops on that line, and refuses to go any further.
until it eventually disconnects with:
* [10101] Host disconnected

Also, reconnecting indicates that the nickname is in use,
so im assuming that i'm connected to the server, but its
just not relaying it via the SSL, and probably disconnects
due to the client not seeing a ping request.

Other people appear to be able to connect to the server
fine. anyone have any ideas on what this might be?

Is there any particular windows services or network
protocols that might be disabled that might be involved?

I don't think its a firewall/router issue, as i've
tried it with them disabled as well.

I also thought that... maybe the SSL certificate had a
hostname that couldn't be resolved to the IP listed in
the SSL=ip:port. Which is why it was dropping off there,
so I went to c:\windows\system32\drivers\etc\hosts and
put in a manual translation for host -> ip
and that didn't seem to resolve it either.

anyone got any ideas?