I noticed this in version 7.41 (which I skipped), and now find the same problem again on version 7.43.

I start mIRC, it starts up fine. It connects to the various networks and resizes the windows for those connections normally.

Once the first channel is actually automatically opened, the channel window shows, but doesn't resize to be stacked among the rest, and mIRC freezes. CPU load goes up to 11% on the mIRC process, and all I can do is kill off the process to try again with the same results.

The hang happens on the first network mIRC starts a channel on, which in my case seems to be irchighway. So the remaining networks do not proceed in joining channels at all. They seem to be connected however.

When returning to version 7.38 the problem does not occur, and mIRC works normally.

On startup mIRC connects to 4 networks. EFNet, Rizon, irchighway and Lunarnet.

on *:START: {
pdcc on
server efnet.xs4all.nl
server -m irc.eu.rizon.net
server -m irc.irchighway.net
server -m irc.lunarnet.org

On connect to these various networks I've set up timers with 5 second intervals to prevent flooding the network, through the Options bit of the mIRC Options, under the 'Perform' button.

For irchighway:

/join #channel1,#channel2,#channel3

For EFNet:

/timer1 1 5 /join #channel1,#channel2,#channel3
/timer8 1 10 /join #channel4,#channel5

For Lunarnet:

/join #channel1

For Rizon:

/timer11 1 5 /join #channel1,#channel2,#channel3
/timer13 1 10 /join #channel4,#channel5

As stated, it runs the first commenad for the irchighway network, which should open 3 channels in one go. It opens 1, and then immidiatly hangs. The windows completely freezes, menus are not available, and the whole program is just unresponsive at that point.

I've looked though the other posts regarding a hang of mIRC, but have been unable to find a similar problem as the one I'm expiriencing.

Any thoughts on what may cause this?

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