Twitch has its own chat groups, and to check which you are invited at (or created) you can check[your_oauth_token_(w\o_"oauth:")]. And this link works fine with JSON.
And i found an old list of commands to manage this groups via sockets, but only DELETE works fine (each requires oauth_token=[your_token]):
to create: POST{irc_channel}&display_name={display_name}
to modify: PUT{irc_channel}?public_invites_enabled={public_invites_enabled}&display_name={display_name}
({public_invites_enabled} = 1 or 0)
to invite: POST{irc_channel}&username={username}
to delete: DELETE{irc_channel}

I tried firefox plugin to check headers and requests, which are sent when you use twitch`s own interfce to do this actions, and it looks same, but using sockets i get only "400 Bad Request". So is it possible to recreate browser`s actions via sockets? Maybe i am missing something.

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