Hi guys,

I just used this scripts
;remove ETX and color script
on ^*:text:*:*: white $1-
on ^*:action:*:*: white $1-
on ^*:notice:*:*: white $1-
alias -l white {
  if ($regex($1-,/(\0030.*)/)) {
    echo -bcfilmt $iif($event == text,normal,$event) $&
      $iif(#,#,$me) $+(<,$iif($left($nick(#,$nick).pnick,1) $&
      isin $prefix,$v1),$nick,>) $strip($regml(1)) | haltdef

and strangly i get an extra letter between the words..

bv This is the text collered
Thislisptheztextwuncoller The text without colors "[ETX]" when the script starts uncoller it.

Any help here please... wink