Yes, Notepad does... it just isn't in the menu.

In any case, your original statement was that Ctrl-Shift-Z didn't exist. You didn't specify that you were only talking about richedit controls until afterwards. As I said, but you ignored by taking "It does exist" out of context, It exists in certain applications, but not in others. As I said later, mIRC doesn't use it.

In any case, that has nothing to do with your original post. As to your post, I've seen other apps clear Undo/Redo when you save. I don't know if most do or not since I don't really pay that much attention to undo/redo, but I know that there are others that do clear it. If cleared (the options are grayed out), then the key combinations also will not work. I guess it's just a matter of whether or not Khaled thinks it's better to clear them on Save or not. The idea behind Save is that you know you have it the way you want it and you're not going need to undo anything. Of course, with scripting, you might want to test something and to do that, you have to save. So it's probably better not to clear the undo/redo cache.

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