I think he was replying to your statement that Ctrl-Shift-Z doesn't exist. It does exist. It just depends on the application. MS Word and Wordpad use Ctrl-Y. Notepad uses Ctrl-Shift-Z. SQL Server 2005 uses both. Those are just some examples.

In the end, I believe Ctrl-Y is the most commonly used for Redo among applications **from my experience**, but I have no stats on that. However, both are commonly used and either one is acceptable.

So to the three of you arguing over X doesn't exist or it isn't X, it's Y... both exist and both are valid depending on the application. It just happens that in mIRC, it's Ctrl-Y and not Ctrl-Shift-Z.

Without looking it up, I believe Ctrl-Shift-Z was the original method used. Shift meant to do the opposite. It is the same as Alt-Tab and Alt-Shift-Tab. Over time, I think people wanted an easier shortcut and so Ctrl-Y was created as the new standard. I could be wrong about that, but I believe that's what happened with those.

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