Your opinion is noted, but it probably won't change the way Khaled handles feature suggestions.

If you consdier suggesting something a "waste of time", don't suggest it; simple as that. Suggesting a feature is not a guarantee that it will be implemented-- you knew that before you posted (you should have, anyway, since that's how "suggestions" tend to work). Therefore, Khaled's response or lack thereof won't change anything. Furthermore, it's probable that Khaled does not respond to these threads because:

1) There are no plans to implement the suggestion (ever) and he finds no reason to have to discuss his decision.
2) He's responded to a thread on the same suggestion before and does not need to respond to the same issue again.
3) He does not want to commit to implementing (or not implementing) a feature that may turn out to be too difficult or time consuming to implement properly.

With these reasons in mind, Khaled often does not respond to feature suggestions. I'm sure you can accept that.

Note that the feature suggestions forum is in no way a "waste of time". Just about every feature Khaled has ever implemented has originated from this forum, so your claim that not knowing whether a suggestion will be implemented makes posting a waste of time, is categorically false. People don't post suggestions so they can see Khaled respond to them. They post suggestions so that they can make it into mIRC. The only way you waste your time is if the feature you suggest will never be implemented-- which, by the way, pretty much sums up all the suggestions in this thread, which have been suggested many times before but never been implemented.

As far as the suggestions actually go: for loops are just glorified while loops, which already exist in mIRC. There's no real need for the syntactic sugar, since you don't even really save on number-of-bytes. switch cases can be useful, but again, they're mostly just syntactic sugar and are likely too complicated for Khaled to focus on with so many other features to deal with. Try/catch is pretty much useless, since mIRC has no concept of exceptions besides the half-baked :error label. For try-catch to work, Khaled would need to create an entire exception handling mechanism, which is relatively difficult and extremely unlikely.

It should also be pointed out that, in general, Khaled does not like to touch the parser much. The last time he did (6.33), he broke /if completely and had to put out another version (6.34) within ~48 hours. Therefore suggestions regarding the parser and the language syntax are generally hard to get through in the first place, and you shouldn't really expect any form of commitment on these.

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