Without further details/examples, I assume that the reply always
- will start with your nickname
- is followed by (number:number)
- is followed by a number to represent asteroids
- is followed by a number to represent land
- is followed by some further number

The following remote script will calculate and reply back if all of the above conditions are met.
on *:text:*:#: {
  if ($regex($1-5,/^\Q $+ $me \E\(\d:\d\) (\d+) (\d+) \d/)) {
    var %roidhits = $ceil($calc($regml(1) / 10))
    var %landhits = $ceil($calc($regml(2) / $iif(($regml(2) > 200),10,20)))
    msg $chan %roidhits hits to Roid Kill; %landhits hits to Land kill

The problem is how to prevent as much "false positives" in the text matching as possible. This may be improved only if you can provide more details, like
- do you chat on a single network only, or (if not) is the game running only on a specific networks (which network)?
- may the text occur in every channels, or in a specific set of known channels?
- is the person/bot sending the text always op in the channel?
- if "empire name" at the start is not always your own nickname: is it at least always a nickname of the channel?
- is "sector name" always made of single-digit numbers?
- is "91,300" a single, comma-formatted number (and won't contain a comma if below 1,000) or is it two numbers that are separated by a comma (and will always contain a comma)?
- is [DFA] always at the end of the reply? If not, is [something in square brackets without space] always at the end of the reply?

And finally, is the calculation correct at all? If not, please provide a couple of examples together with the intended x / y values smile