Hello - Could someone make for me or help me to make a script that tells me how many more hits are required to kill a certain empire. For example. When I am in an alliance channel and I type

!Empire ahmed

//I will get this

<@Europa> ahmed (1:4) 150 260 91,300 [DFA]

// ahmed = empire name
// (1:4) = sector name
// 150 = Asteroids in Empire's Possession
// 260 = Land in Empire's Possession

//What I would LIKE to see

!empire ahmed
<@Europa> ahmed (1:4) 150 260 91,300 [DFA]
<@ahmed> X hits to Roid Kill; Y hits to Land kill

//The special mathematical bit about this is that.
//If land is above 200 then 10% of that land is captured per hit, if it is 200 or below then 20 land is captured per hit.
//If Asteroids are above 100 then 10% of the asteroids are captured per hit, if it is below 100 then 10 asteroids are captured per hit.

Hope that made sense!!!