"/ignore" (without any parameter) just shows you whether the ignore function is enabled or disabled.

From the chat client's (mIRC's) point of view, network services are just "users" sending messages (or notices). So it's well possible that you've added rules to your ignore list that affect network services. This may be unintended, but isn't a bug.

Check the rules of your ignore list - you can see and modify all the rules in the "address book" (Alt-B), tab "control", selection "ignore". Remove suspicious entries from the list, or remove all entries to start over with a "clean list".
While adding new entries to your ignore list, think about if (and how) they might affect your ability to receive messages from network services. Have a look at "/help /ignore" for the various parameters, especially the -x switch will be useful to "allow" certain nicks/masks regardless of other rules.