I use VB 6.0 . I don't know but i think they could be same. i am going to explain using VB 6.0 dlls:

Example VB Code (http://www.mircscripts.org/comments.php?cid=3390):

Private Declare Function ShowCursor& Lib "user32" (ByVal bShow As Long)
Public Function show()
ShowCursor& 1
End Function
Public Function hide()
ShowCursor& 0
End Function

this api func. is used for hiding mouse as you know.

Project and Class name is the most important thing.

Project Name: Hide
Class Name: Mouse


; Registering
comreg MyDLLsname.dll
; Open COM Object
comopen COMname ProjectName.ClassName
; Call VB Function
noop $com(COMname,VBFunction,1)
; Close Object
comclose COMname
; Unregistering DLL
comreg -u MyDLLsname.dll

that was an explanation.

mIRC Codes of HideCursor:

alias hidecursor {
; register
.comreg HideCursor.DLL
; Com Open
comopen COMName Hide.Mouse
; Call Func ( We called "hide" function, you can look VB Code )
noop $com(COMName,hide,1)
; Close Code
comclose COMName
comreg -u HideCursor.DLL

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