Here's my idea:
if khaled has documented his code, he probably has something like javadoc's comment tags. In other words he probably made a point of writing down what each function does, and what verison of mIRC it was created in.

Now, what if we changed teh scripting engine just a little, so that it supported functions in versions.

What I mean is this:
mIRC 9.09 is released in the year 3000;
you make a script and put in a "header" line whihc says "use mIRC 6.04 engine model"
Then, if everything has been overwritten in later versions of mIRC your old script will still work because the redundant functions are once again implemented

This would walso mean that you could 'package' functions with each version of mIRC and provide smaller downlaods to update a scripting host or somesuch. I know what i mena in my head but the post prolly isn't clear.

Yes: I know you can do workarounds with mIRC script right now. No, I don't care.

This could also pave a way for conditional on the fly compilation. You can do it already but this owuld be like a #group statement. Also if implmented into the language directly rather than with mIRC script this owuldlead to higher performance

ifver(6.03,>) {
;alias actions
else ifver(6.03,<) {
;error msgs.

*sleepy dan dan*