Lets say you had a script similar to:
on *:TEXT:!test:#: {
 inc -u5 $+(%,spam.,$nick)
 if (%spam. [ $+ [ $Nick ] ] > 3) { }
 else { msg $chan test! }

Now take this chat for example

<nick>: !test ;inc %spam.nick | value=1
<Bot>: Test!
<nick>: !test ;inc %spam.nick | value=2
<Bot>: Test!
<nick>: !test ;inc %spam.nick | value=3
<Bot>: Test!
<nick>: !test ;inc %spam.nick | value=4

My question is, since the script incs a variable each time they talk, would the script wait another 3 seconds after the second time nick talked.

I'm not quite sure how to phrase this, but more or less, the script waits 3 seconds before unsetting it, but if they talk again, would it make it wait ANOTHER 3 seconds?