Hello I am trying to figure out how to use the shortfn property of findfile as listed in the help file.

I have tried the below:

//echo -s $findfile($mircdirSettings\Journal\2008\January\,*.txt,1,).shortfn

Returns: C:\mirc\Settings\Journal\2008\January\12.txt

//echo -s $findfile($mircdirSettings\Journal\2008\January\,*.txt,1,)shortfn

which Returns: C:\mirc\Settings\Journal\2008\January\12.txt

So no luck there. I know I am missing something but cant figure out what. any help would be welcomed.

I did read the Help and didnt see where this function is specified.

$findfile(dir,wildcard,N,depth,@window | command)

Searches the specified directory and its subdirectories for the Nth filename matching the wildcard file specification and returns the full path and filename if it is found.

Properties: shortfn