Hello, I've been using mIRC since the beginning. However I have never really had a need to do what I am doing now. I am trying to make a quick profile preview. I would like the images to display in my dialog.
I connect to the site on port 80 send all the necessary data and get my 200 OK. Then midway through the image transfer it just cuts out. mIRC closes the socket and all is done. The problem is that the file lacked about 2 kilo's of being complete.
I am wondering what can cause this. I've done everything from making my socket -f to actually adding a read size to it. To ensure it's pulling all data possible.
When I Wireshark my browser's navigation to the website all is well. Everything is received fine, When mIRC tries to receive the data it just cuts out. I also investigated whether it was a certain character that cut it off, but to no avail that was not the issue either.

Thanks for the time,