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on ^*:text:*:*: {
  echo -at $+([,$nick,]) $1-

on *:input:*: {
  if ($left($1,1) != /) {
    .msg $target $1-
    echo -at $+([,$me,]) $1-

Just replace the characters you want around the nicks. If you're distributing the script or you changed your command character from / to something else, you may want to have the IF check for the command character in mirc.ini as well. If you didn't change it and it's just for yourself, there's no need.

Note that you may want to consider adding some other switches to the echo commands if you want things like flashing or beeping or highlighting or whatever to work. Type /help /echo to see other switches you can use to suit your needs. Also, if you color the nicks, you may want to use some color codes around the nicks so they are colored.

Er, that worked, except messages are now displayed in other channels, so it's kind of confusing.. .-.;