I think it'd be very nice to be able to do other things all the while having the "Find Text" active. Right now I can search for something in a window.. But I can't copy it while "Find Text" is up.. I have to close the "Find Text", copy whatever it is, paste it somewhere, open the "Find Text" box up again, hit the search again, close it.. etc, etc.. When looking for multiple multiple things to copy and paste, I'm sure you can see how this can be a real hassle, especially for in the script editor when I am changing things.

Also the ability to do things while having the options dialog up would be nice as well.. When I'm trying to configure something in my options while talking to someone, or I'm helping someone setup their mIRC for certain things, complications arise from this. It's also just.. annoying.. The whole program is "LOCKED" till you close the options. And what for?


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