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Yes, now that these button have disappear, i'm using key shortcut, and have Alt+Arrow-down/up will be a nice addition

Edit : Ctrl + l for load script already exist and there is some time ago i suggested shortcut for unload/new script (or if it's not me, someone else) and the result was that it wasn't a good idea, i'm not sure why but i think it's because of typo.
In fact, Omen said :
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Whats wrong with the current keyboard shortcuts...

And this is imo completely Sufficient

Deliciously irrelevant.


I've always thought the lack of editor feature development to be rather spiteful. As if to say, "If you want more, use an external editor." Which I would agree with, except that truly good functionality in externally editing loaded script files, would again be a script editor feature development. Rather recursive, eh? Isn't mIRC supposed to NOT be recursive?

/me chuckles.

That said, the line number margin was an excellent start. \^_^/