I've been using mIRC for a few months now, and have yet to get the logging feature to work. I've searched the forums and tried about a bajillion things, none of which seem to work. The funny thing is that mIRC acts like it is logging files (ie, it comes up with a list of log files in the View Logs window, with dates and sizes and all that jazz) but when I try to open them I get a "Cannot find" error. And the actual log folder in my Program files is also empty. I have v.6.21, which I've repeatedly re-installed to try to fix this problem, but I suspect it's something very simple that I'm missing. I've tried clicking and unclicking the "Lock Log files" checkbox in the Logging are under Options, and a host of other things, but they don't seem to be working.

I will be grateful for any help, but I will admit I am far from proficient in my usage of mIRC. I am, however, willing to try anything at this point, so please suggest anything. Thank you.