Hi there all cool

I seem to have a slight dilema.....

I have written a small script to colour my text:

on *:INPUT:*:{
  if (%colourtxton == 1) && ($left($1,1) != /) {
    say 4 $1- 
  elseif (%colourtxton == 2) && ($left($1,1) != /) {
    say 12 $1- 

menu channel {
  Text colourer
    set %colourtxton 1
  .Dark Blue:{
    set %colourtxton 2
    unset %colourtxton

this works, but not as i want.

without it turned on the line begins normally.

example when turned off:

[23:38] <[Shadow^Dwella]> now this is the test 3Larfing Out Loudly

example when turned on:

[23:42] <[Shadow^Dwella]> now this is the test 3Larfing Out Loudly
[23:42] <[Shadow^Dwella]> 12 now this is the test lol

both examples are whilst my accronyms script is enabled, this is called "colour talkers" and as you can see when colour text is active it makes a space at the very beginning and repeats all text input, does anyone know of a way i can eliminate those to errors?

Thanks in advance smile

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